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Poor ole Eeyore is crying
For he has lost his tail!
If this had ever happened to you,
You'd know it doesn't feel well!
"Oh tail!  Oh tail!  Where could you be?
Why can't you stay attached to poor ole me!"
The gang all get together,
"What shall we do!
We must find Eeyore's tail,
Our dear friend is so blue!
We'll make up posters,
and put them throughout the wood!
We'll all help Eeyore - just as
good friends should!"
Here   comes Owl,
flying to the rescue!
For a friend like Eeyore,
There's nothing he won't do!
With the posters all finished,
the gang is ready to go!
"We'll find your tail Eeyore!
We'll search high and low!"
Off go Pooh and Tigger,
sailing across the sea!
"We're off to find Eeyore's tail!
Where oh where could it be!"
"Mr. Turtle, is Eeyore's tail in there?
It's somewhere in the Wood, but where, oh where!"
"Pardon me Mr. Worm,
have you seen a tail?
My dear friend Eeyore lost one,
and he's not feeling well."
Hip-hopping on their way,
is Kanga and Roo.
They want to help their
dear friend Eeyore too!
Gopher is searching far and near!
"Eeyore's tail isn't down here!"
"Could my tail be on the moon,
Or hanging on a star?"
"Oh no, Eeyore! surely your
tail couldn't go that far!"
"Even though Eeyores don't climb very well,
I'll climb and ask the bees if they've seen my tail."
Bouncy ole Tigger
is feeling quite sad.
"My friend Eeyore's lost his tail,
The only one he had."
"Don't worry Eeyore, I have a plan!
I'll ask all those that love you,
to please give you a hand!

Kids, please look on this page,
and find Eeyore's hidden tail,
And e-mail me where you found it,
And you'll receive an award that's swell!"

Simply select where you'd like to stump off to with Pooh!

"Eeyore!" squealed Piglet, "Here!  I found it for you!"
"That's a balloon Piglet, and for a tail it won't do."
"Don't be sad Eeyore!  We'll find it, you'll see!
You'll have a tail in no time, and be happy as
can be!"
"I'll look over hill & over vale!
I'll find my friend Eeyore's tail!"
"Maybe I could see Eeyore's tail
from way up here!
It has to be here someplace,
it couldn't just disappear!"